October 2008

High Performance Motion Networking is a regular update that delivers significant SynqNet product information, educational articles and industry news to help you build a better machine, faster.

Jim Montague, Executive Editor at Control Design magazine, explores how today’s machine builders are leveraging improved software and network connectivity to create modular, interchangeable machine assemblies. Learn how BlueShift Technologies developed a modular wafer handling system that delivers increased throughput while saving 30-40% in costs and 40% in footprint reductions?
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Soonhan Logo
Headquartered in Gyeonggi-Do, Korea, Soonhan Engineering Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of high performance linear motor stages and gantry robots. Soonhan’s Remote Motion Blocks (RMB's) are designed to connect stepper motor drives or position mode AC-servo drives into a SynqNet system. Each RMB can support up to two axes of drives including encoder feedback, transceivers, dedicated I/O and generous user I/O.

MPI 4.0

Available as a comprehensive suite of solutions, or on an a la carte basis as customer needs and desires dictate, Danaher Motion Performance Services include System Tuning and Optimization, Custom Feature and Product Development, Advanced System Integration, Software Development, System Design Consultation, System Test and Qualification, and Specialized Training and Field Services.
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Designed specifically for motion control engineers, the Advanced Mechatronic Tool Kit transforms the way mechanical and software engineer’s work, and saves OEM’s 10’s of thousands of dollars in the process.
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